Saturday, May 27, 2006

Everyone Needs To Advertise, and Get Lots of Traffic

An outstanding way to advertise your referral link is by participating in online message boards and forums...By both responding to posts, as well as putting up posts of your own.

Most boards don't allow blatant advertising. However, MOST will allow you to include a few bylines to promote whatever you wish and this can generate a great deal of exposure and clickthroughs for you.

There are two main keys to message board promotion.

1. Participate only in message boards that relate to whatever you wish to promote. In this case, since Free Internet Marketing Ads is an Internet marketing / online business related product, you may want to look for Internet marketing related messages boards.

2. The second key to message board promotion is participating only in POPULAR boards (in terms of visitors and traffic). The more popular the board, obviously the more exposure your posts will receive. For the most part, the popularity of a board is common sense. If posts are up to date and numerous, chances are you've found a popular board. But you can further determine board popularity (or the popularity of any site for that matter) by searching it through Alexa.com.

The more time you spend participating in the forums, the more exposure you'll receive. Certain topics and posts will generate more exposure than others. After a while you'll get a feel for what topics attract the most attention.

Your signature file can consist of just about anything you wish, as long as you keep it fairly brief.

Here are some sample sig. file you're free to use:

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Your signature file works nicely in emails and forums.

Make money, have fun.
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