Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Mood Is Your Picture?

My Mood Is Your Picture?
My Mood is Freedom
I am enjoying a new world that is Me
My Mind is in agreement with an awesome Spirit
And the awesome Spirit is in agreement with my Mind
And that agreement gave birth to my Mood,
And I call my mood Freedom
So, doom is now become a desolate thing
And, because the awesome Spirit is Love,
Imagery based on material medium can no longer have the hierachical position it once had in my mind
Thus, I am now able to comprehend the Whole picture
without my mind having to pay large sums of money to advertise
that it was lacking the required recognition according to what is ordinary
No, this transition aka transaction is priceless,
And on obtaining this Whole piece of wisdom,
My mind became reasonable, seeing that it was longing for what is good anyway,
And that it was the staying in the longing mood that had become expensive. I could no longer afford that expense for it had become a burden to the extent that it too seemed as priceless.
So, I reasoned within saying, "what is the point of staying in a longing mood when the awesome Spirit aka Love is willing to give me a mood called freedom?"
I can now have the benefit of becoming extraordinary!
All I really had to do was make a decision once and for all!
Yeah, All I had to do was make the right decision regarding the who, and the what must be given the #1 position in my mind.
Now I do not need an image to represent Love,joy,truth,peace,
justice,freedom,or wisdom.
I do not need organized religion to make me an image that represents anything.
I believe that there should be a separation between organized religion and images,
In fact, there should be a separation between organized religion and people!
I believe that Democracy is just another organized religion.
The "holy trinity cash cow" made up
under such labels as organized religion(the mother harlot from way back in the book of Genesis),politics(government policies that police the masses to stay consumed consumers of the Image)and commerce(the economy run by ruthless merchants who never want to pay their share/way because they have become so pomp)
This is the hierachy of the ordinaryfolk.
This is why the world is idolatrous
There is only one person I know of who came up with the best idea to combat idolatry, and that person is Jesus (the Christ aka the anointed ONE)
He said, Love your neighbour aka the rest of mankind as aka while you are loving yourself.
If you are "killing two birds with one stone" tell me, do you really have time to idolize any of them?
Think of the stone as Love, One Love, and the two birds as you and your neighbour/the rest of mankind.
Have a great day, much peace!
Marsha Anderson


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