Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Creation Comes Before, and is BIGGER than Evolution

I do not believe for one second that man evolved from any other animal. As a matter of fact,
I think that Darawin's theories are WEAK, as well as they SUCK!

I will never accept his claims that we evolved from apes, or whatever other animal,
and even if we did evolve (a/the) MIND
had to be The Designer of how things/matter will be shaped/or reach a certain state according to the
will of (a/the) MIND, and that MIND must have a SPIRIT in which it is pleased, because everything
is based on how much pleasure (a/the) MIND receives from the SPIRIT, and how much pleasure
the SPIRIT receives from (a/the) MIND, in other words, it's all about EQUITY,
yea, what is EQUITABLE.

The spirit has to be reasoning with the mind, and the mind has to be reasoning with the spirit and that produces
a foundation based on LOVE and understanding which is the same as joy, peace, wisdom, truth, freedom,
and what is right, for the purpose that all things will rest on that solid foundation, ONE and to be looked upon as what is the WHOLE picture, ONE.with LOVE, this is what and why HEAVEN is/exist..

And, the spirit has faith/believes in (a/the) mind, and the mind has faith/believes in the spirit making them one with each other aka a holy union, or a pure union based on carrying out what is good for the sole purpose of recieving
and giving pleasure, thus, CREATING all that beauty we see, even all that beauty we do not see.

It is a myth to think if a man has 100 billion dollars that he has conquored the "world". The only way you know that you have conquored the world is if you are in the state of heaven, and no amount of money or military might can get you into that door, not even by your own power or strength, but only by way of that holy Spirit will any one get to be in the state of heaven.

Heaven is a kingdom, it is the just Standard that is abiding.

Religion (pure) is taking care of the poor ones, such as orphans and widows, the homeless (spiritually and physically) in the community, but think big, think that the "world" is (y)our community

So, it's all about the relationship between the mind and the spirit you choose to LIVE IN.

Enough of the arguments about creation and evolution!

Have a wonderul time until I post again. Much peace!

Marsha Anderson