Thursday, September 29, 2005

Has The "World " Gone MAD?

Hello Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that a question is being raised: Should the churches who give "Charity" be compensated/paid for helping victims of a disaster?
The/my answer to that question is a big fat NO, because if that should occur, won't that be making "charity" to become extinct. I know that is what the/certain rich ones in our society will like to see happen, otherwise, why has such a question arisen?

We have been asking another question: what is "terror" as in the case of a terrorist act.
I also will like to ask what is "natural" as in the case of "natural" disaster?

Well let's kill two birds with one stone.

(Man, as in the case of (mankind/us)We all have the potential to be wicked to one another in different degrees/levels of intensity, RIGHT? I believe that could be considered a "natural" disaster since it is one of our "natural" characteristics to have the potential to be wicked to one another.

Think about this, do you see all water as "holy", or do you believe that some water is "holy" because a religious organisation says it is just because they prayed over it according to their traditional "mumbo jumbo"?

Do you believe that there is such a thing as "social" Justice because some political group says so, or do you believe that Justice is just what it is JUSTICE. Does Justice really need an adjective to define itself?

There are two types of poverties, financial poverty, and spiritual poverty but, it is the spiritual poverty (which is a lack of Justice) that causes financial poverty, thus, we have to acknowledge that the "world" is not equitable, and THIS is our "natural" disaster.

We are supposed to be living in a "democratic" society according to the "Western" parts of this earth, politically speakiing, so why the hell are we still talking about "christian right wing" when the idea is to separate church from state. I mean, what the hell is democracy? You say/or sell it as "freedom" so, why the hell are we always fighting for
Justice? Obviously, democracy must be lacking in Justice!!!! Shouldn't we JUST acknowledge that what we have is pure chaos? There is too much compromising because we cannot stop playing the favouritism game. LET OUR YES BE YES, and LET OUR NO BE NO. That way, Bribery will become extinct, not Charity.

Don't we realize that we can can make an ugly body beautiful by doing plastic surgery, or whatever means we now have to do so, and we have many but, what is the point of that if we cannot find Justice in our hearts/inner-self. Are we going to walk around as beauty and the beast, half beautiful, half ugly? OR, are we going to become WHOLE?

We have to depend on draculatory measures to fix problems because we have become too lazy to seek out Justice even when we do not have to go far to look for it, since it is within us. For example, we take for granted that we can depend on each other to give blood in order to fix a medical problem. Did you ever look at the big picture of the blood industry, yes, giving your blood for free has become a muli-billion dollar industry where they take your blood which you gave freely, and break it down into it's different parts to make medicine then sell it back to you at a price that you will eventually not be able to afford because, "Being sick" is become BIG business, and in the same way they break down the blood, they break up the health care system into the different "cares" you know, the this care and the that care.

Scientists say that they have found certain genes that can cause people to bahave in different ways, or what have you. I do not think that knowing this is going to make any difference to mankind because, we have a mind to control our behaviours regardless of how our genes may cause us to behave because, a mind that strikes up a relationship with the spirit of Justice (which is LOVE) makes all things become in subjection to it which is the ultimate Victory.

Thank you, keep doing good to one another, Peace!



Monday, September 26, 2005

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