Monday, November 21, 2005

So Many Gifts You May Not See The Tree!

Hi to All My Wonderful Readers,

That's what Mark Hendricks has cooked up for your holiday blessings with the "12 Days of Christmas" which starts on
the first of December/2005.

12 Days of Christmas

Here are some of the FREE gifts you get just for taking part in this exciting adventure during the 12 days:

First Steps To Profit On The Internet
Two Great Gifts worth $194.00
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77 Questions and Answers to Ezine Success
How To start A Paid Membership Site(with real life video) and How to Set up your Membership Site
Article Wizard (I can't wait to get my hands on this little software)

And Many, Many, MORE
Just sign up here:

If the link above dodes not work, just go to:

or send email to mind2b@lycos.com with "12 days of Christmas" as subject line.

Okay, now to some other goodies!

Here are some other places you can visit and check out to start getting ready for the new year to make money.

This Vip Travel Rewards is a totally amazing opportunity.
You can join as a customer or a business partner
To join as a business partner send email to:
Use "Send Benefactor Voucher" in subject line along with your name.
The Benefactor Voucher is the pass to get into the system. It is worth $199.00USD. You do not have to pay to join.

to join as a customer, just follow the link below, but I believe that you will want to join to make money. If you need more info , send email to
address above.

How will you like to get paid to rate online business opportunites?
to get all the information about this great opportunity just click on the link below:

And now for the lighter side of things to keep stress- free during the holidays.

Confidence Booster

10 drops rose
15 drops jasmine
10 drops neroli
3 drops clary sage

You can make candles and your own perfume with these blends.

Stress Relief
10 drops neroli
8 drops bergamot
4 drops geranium
2 drops petigrain

to Stay Harmonious
8 drops patchouli
5 drops sandalwood
7 drops orange
4 drops vanilla

4 drops patchouli
10 drops jasmine
4 drops sandalwood
4 drops ylang ylang

And now that you are in this good mood you may want to fix some real good holiday drinks for you and your friends.

Here is when you may have to visit the premiere online resource for Martini Holiday recipes like your Gin favorites, Vodka, and out of this world Martini glasses;
click link below to send free gift cards, get free shipping, and gift wraps.AND TONS OF RECIPES!!!
Swank Martini

Okay, I hope you enjoy these adventures.

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Until next time, have a wonderful time, enjoy whatever you are doing, much peace!

Marsha Anderson


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