Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The program "Extreme Disaster" is needed NOW. This program should be able to serve the entire planet.
Some disasters come upon us by surprise, like earthquakes so it is imperative that the system/network/program should bring about rescue actions for the purpose of saving lives, pain and suffering, bringing immediate
relief to the area that has been devasted.

We already know the math for the damage that can be caused by the different category earthquakes, hurricanes.

If we know that a freaking hurricane is on the way, get the buses, trains/transportation in action hours before the freaking hurricane arrives. EVACUATE, 1st Command, EVACUATE and get the people out of the way of the vicious attack of these disasters.

After the disaster you can rebuild, BUT you can't bring back people from the dead. YOU SAVE LIVES, MONEY, YOU DO NOT SPREAD DISEASES.

WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THE WISDOM IN TAKING ACTION BEFORE THE FREAKING DISASTERS? Why the hell do we have technology? Is it just to make money and fight wars?

It's not as if we did not know that there will be no electricity, no refridgeration, a breakdown in the water system, sewer system, you know that you have hospitals with the most vulnerable people in the population. The hospitals should be the first to be evacuated. So, that is no excuse, the fact that there is no form of communication in the area where the disaster took place, THAT IS EXPECTED. EVERYWHERE ELSE HAD ALL THE RESOURCES to fullfill the rescue mission.
We need a program that by-passes all the freaking "RED TAPE" aka obstruction of justice.

How are we able to even convince ourselves that we
understand "rocket science"?

We are all to blame. We should know not to vote for a president or a governer if they do not have a plan for the purpose of rescuing people facing extreme disasters.

WE think we are so advanced, I do not see it. And don't give me this demonic crap that things work from the ground up/local government. Because if that is so, Nagin should be President?

Give me a break. The future of the victims should not be uncertain according to CNN/Aaron Brown. What the hell is he trying to do put more fear into the vulnerable minds who truly needs upliftment now?

These people have to know now that they are welcomed and that they will be taken care of, this is where the pain has to stop and and the healing begins. They have to start feeling confident that they will be okay.

This is just my personal opinion, the local government
of the areas hit by Katrina, I have a lot of respect and confidence in them because, they "rode the storm" with the people. They are true leaders. They stayed with the poor ones who had no way out. I also want to applaud the military personnel because, they came and they are doing what they are supposed to do only, too late but, they are following orders FROM THE TOP!!!

Who is the commander-in-chief? Is there a commander-in-chief in the house?

Okay, there must be someone out there who can create
a program that sets off a chain of actions that should
start immediate preparations before the disaster,and after the disaster. Evacuation especially for hurricanes, that way people can take stuff with them so they will not be stuck without clothes, places for them to stay during the storm with a military force to make sure they are going to be safe, food, and so on.

Even if they cannot go back to their homes at least they will not feel stranded and without.

So please go to work on something all you programmers out there, however, this could just be based on common sense.

I think it is time for the people on this planet to get rid of the haughtiness, start being humane and caring for each other. We have to start being real instead of walking around like hypocrits.
It is hypocrisy that is leading us to the pit of destruction.

Much peace to all, my love to all of mankind,


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