Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oh New Orleans, Oh New Orleans

First I will like to to say that I LOVE YOU, so does JAH.
I want you the people who were attacked by the vicious storm, KATRINA to not take anything that happened, personal. I want you to be strong just knowing that Jah and I LOVE all of you. I understand that this is a very trying time, and experience at this time. Look,
when you arrive at the new landscapes you have been driven to, "shake the dust off your shoes"/start acknowledging that you are now faced with a newer horizon.

Do not dwell on the experience, because some (this) fruit can become "overbearing". This is the time to start dwelling in a better future, staying bright and strong because, this is the fruit of your future, BRIGHT and STRONG.

You have to stay strong in your mind, in your body, and in your whole soul via the holy spirit of LOVE/JAH.
Do not go running to some church because you are so
emotionally upset like the rest/of Babylon because,
those places are desolate, the "church" of LOVE is inside each and everyone of you and that is exactly where the kingdom of LOVE/JAH is. Let HIS holy spirit of LOVE comfort you now and all this time forward.

Why am I telling you this?

I am sharing this with you because it is your strength
that will be needed for when these things happen to the rest of us. There are many cities that will be falling in the future, so you have to choose being a survivor, not just any old survivor, but a survivor with the best armour,
in the spirit of LOVE armour. The real armour.

After going through this humiliation living in the richest country
(super power) on this planet, who can say that you are not an elite stock, who can really say that they cannot look on you as "refined" stock now!!! Only the foolish ones.

You were held in bondage in that city, still treated like you were nought so, Jah allowed the city to be destroyed
with the good, the bad, the rich, the poor (financially and spiritually) the great and the small, WHY?, because He is just/not partial. However, just like Israel was taken out of Egypt, He is allowing you this opportunity
to acknowledge HIS LOVE/He wants your attention so give it to HIM now!!

Can a banker open his bank in New Orleans now? who can set up shop now in that city?

Just like Jah said in the book of revelation, they stand afar/at a distance while they watch "Babylon" burn with WATER and FIRE.

Babylon: A system based on material goods that plays only on the five senses that causes the recipients to abandon
the importance of the MIND which is really used for the sixth sense, TO THINK, the most important of all the senses and branded as a "mystery" to put fear in the minds of the masses to the extent that no one really wants to "go there".

There where the kingdom of the most high god Jah/ aka He causes to become/the holy father/the first mind by whom all things exist. BECAUSE YOU NEED A MIND TO CREATE MATERIAL/things that you see and do not even see.

So, I welcome you to your new world of love, that will give you strength, and a bright future.
Remember this, we are all on Jah's mind, Jahmind is the foundation on which all things are resting, by HIS spirit He will make things straight.

All my love/peace!

Marsha Anderson


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