Sunday, July 31, 2005

What Is The Difference Between Future and Futile?


Could the difference between Future and Futile be what you are believing NOW!
The main thing is whatever you are believing NOW had better be GOOD, because
when you boil time down, every second ahead is really your future.

Changing time as in daylight savings time, could be a futile move. More
daylight at our disposal is really more "daylight" for the greedy people
who are consumed by a fire called lust. This fire is very difficult to
put out, it's really the true meaning behind the phrase "I can't get no

The truth is we are unable to squeeze more daylight because, the more we
produce these uneccessary gadgets which are probably 60% of what we are
producing NOW, the less sunlight we are going to experience. YES, the
sun will be darkened, and sunset will probably force us to close-up shop
when it occurs in the middle of the afternoon!!

Not only that, even the moon will turn red with embarrassment because of
our idolatrous, and whore-ish lifestyle. (let's face, it we are idolising
the 60% of crappy gadgets that we manufacture) Real pollution comes from
within each person according to how each person is creating thoughts.
There are good thoughts and there are bad thoughts.

Good thoughts are just/right/love/peace/wise/joy/free/truth
Bad thoughts hurt the self and others, selfish/hate/destructive/death

Have faith not fear.

You have to be a good spirit while you are alive!
Being lukewarm is not an option. What is the point of being a "follower"
Followers eventually become prey to expensive "manufactured education"
or education for the masses to keep them in line to suit those who
control the system of things. More energy is used up/sucked out of
the follower just because of not being acquainted with the idea that
he/or she has the freedom to think for themselves.

The kingdom of love is within each of us waiting to be tapped just like
any other resources found on the earth.let your explorations begin.

Have a great day! much peace,


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