Saturday, July 09, 2005

This CEO Wants To Hold Your Hand, Step By Step To Success

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

I am not going to bore you with hype or try to sell youa vitamin or mortgage refinancing, PROMISE!

==I have $796 Worth Of Silver Pack Vouchers To Give Away
==The statement above is fact. I am part of a "Core Business Group"online that is going to take MANY new technologies to the world and all online. How would you like to be one of a few people who help me do this and be rewarded financially for it?
=I know you want details and I will keep it short for now.

=This email is just a door opener. I do not expect any commitment however, you have read this far, please finish and hear me out...
I am very close to the owners of 3 companies that are young, ambitious, and approachable. These owners are entrusting me and many others to be the marketing arm for them. Here are just a few technologies that they are unveiling and giving me, and possibly you the chance to expose to the world and FIRST!

**Just a FEW!**
=VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with MANY more options than the competitors/AND FREE for you if you are on my team!
=The latest online marketing technologies/instructions.

This company shows people how to take ANYTHING online and sell for profits.There is much more but I do not want to get long winded here!


=You will NOT pay a dime... and That Is A Promise.I have been given the authority by this company to choose my own "core team." This "core team" that I choose will pay ZERO to join but will be given the starter kit, ETC.! This is real and you have read this far so you deserve a chance at this in my book. I do not even need to talk to you over the phone, a simple email will be enough from you.

== Instructions *VERY IMPORTANT*

==Email me direct at (mind2b@lycos.com) In the subject line it is VERY important that you put "Benefactor Candidate." I get hundreds of emails and if I see that in the subject line, I will not delete it.

In your email, tell me your first name and what part of the country/world you live in. This is a GLOBAL opportunity so it does not matter where you live as long as you have internet access! This is all I need. I will in turn send you an email that has a few more details but more important, a VOUCHER CODE that you must write down. This is the code that you will use to activate the CD Pack that you will receive in the mail FREE!

When you activate the voucher code you will be added to the silver/diamond level autimacally. Please follow
all the instructions that you will be receiving from then on.

I have only a few benefactor vouchers left to give away to only those who are very serious about this opportunity. ( I look forward to your response :-)

Have a great day, much peace!




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