Sunday, July 03, 2005


You must have a tool called the mind in order to start the process called knowing.
As you know this weekend a worldwide concert was held called Live 8 live Concert.
This concert was supposed to make the people on the planet more aware of
POVERTY that is killing people all over the earth, and especially in Africa, as well as
to make the leaders of the rich countries/those who become rich by exploiting the
"poor" countries with unjust trade practices.

Well first of all, shouldn't we be asking ourselves what constitutes a "poor" country?
It is my understanding that "poor" countries like those in Africa are very rich in
the very materials/resources that the rich countries not only want, but need to sustain
themselves as the "rich" nations. So obviously, there is a huge ACT of Injustice
going on here in the "MarketPlace", and I just cannot understand how these countries
are in "DEBT" even if they are run by dictators because, not every country run by
dictators have that extreme LOOK of poverty that we are seeing in the "poor"
African countries.

How long are the people of the "rich" nations going to continue electing people who
are paying alligiance to the very system that is causing this unjust act to continue?
FOREFATHERS. This CYCLE has to be broken. In fact, you have to be extremely
ruthless, more so than your forefathers knowing fully well what took place via History/written by
those who admired the shameless way in which they accumulated wealth, yet you are
allowing this to continue saying in your hearts: "Why should we be blamed for the wrongs
of our forefathers"
Shouldn"t you be asking, what can I do to change/break this cycle?

You continue making useless gadgets all day long thinking to yourselves, these things will
make life easier but, the point of the matter is this is making your LAZY minds more lazy.
Your mind IS only so that you know that it is dead/having no time to do what is really good?
It is no wonder that there are scam artists lurking around trying to convince you that they
can help you find out what's going on in your "unconscious" minds. Well I have news for you,
unconsciousness means you have no thoughts, your mind is gone to sleep, you cannot even
dream, and you cannot comprehend. Your priority is while you can use your mind to think,
you should be creating good thoughts that will be helpful to you and those around you/the
rest of mankind.

War and slavery are not options:


You pretend you are caring
Lip service is all you're sharing
Why you make the world so misty
Spoonfeeding your own vanities

All this bickering is so useless
It never leaves us room for mercy
We can make life so much better
Love is the attitude that is possitive

There's no trouble with love
You know I believe,
There's no trouble with love
You know that I feel
There is no such thing as trouble with love
The whole damn thing is trouble with people,
Trouble with people,
The whole damn thing is!

It is only by way of the holy spirit/mind of the first/ALPHA/true god/He causes to become
that we can have the strength to change all the hurtful things we are allowing our minds to
operate on. Rest your head on his bosom/mind and find out from Him, read His word/
intelligence/love and get wisdom, joy, truth, peace, justisce, and freedom, For FREE!
Book of Isaiah, Old testament, Chapter 55.
The foundation of all things seen and not seen is HIM/I am/all that is good.
The system of things/"world" is coming to a conclusion/passing away to make way
for His new Standard. It is written. He said it when He came in the name of Jesus.
I myself investigated His word, and I struck up a relationship with His holy spirit because
He said that I should demand from Him what is to become of us, Book of Jeremiah.
He has not failed me. I agree with Him/His judicial decisions 100%.

So, I leave you now until next time hoping that you will do what is right by startng to
investigate for yourself the things I have shared with you today. If you really want to
know, He will move your heart/spirit and you will know that He is the true god of mankind.

Much love/peace! I love you all like He taught me to.



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