Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mindscape of the "media establishment" NOW!

Good Day Everyone,

This post is a response to the latest newsletter I received from BizReport.
It was labelled as the top story.

Apparently, the "media establishment" was taken "off-guard" that people are now having the freedom
to voice their opinions by way of posting a blog, not only that, they see it as a "mistake" that you and I have
the freedom to voice our opinions too!

So, my dear readers/rest of mankind, they are saying that they are not going to allow this "mistake" to
happen with the podcasting industry.

So, they are going to obstruct justice/take away the freedom of the people who use podcasting to
voice their opinions.

I believe that the "MEDIA ESTABLISHMENT" was caught "off-guard" because people are not fooled by the
"POMPOUS DEMONIC DUNG CRAP" of this system anymore, and it is EXTREMELY out of order that the "media establishment" sees the PROGRESSIVE MOVE OF THE PEOPLE/WHO
POST BLOGS as a mistake.

The internet is not the property of the "media establishment" nor is the air your territory.
This is 2005, and you are thinking like a bunch of morons/scribes and pharasees, going
"behind closed doors" to "scheme out schemes" against your neighbor/the rest of mankind.

Why? because you cannot stand the fact that WE ALL have the potential to be FREE
You cannot stand that somebody else can get attention. Equity is not your piece of cake.
So, you have to "fix"the "mistake" which is the same as obstructing justice?

I hope the people keep on posting their blogs and airing their podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Best regards,


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