Saturday, June 25, 2005

Beautification of the MIND

Hello Everyone,

The beautification of matter/material things is only for a moment in time/mind.
The beautification of the mind/word is the key for all things to last forever.
If we do not change the way we use mind, preferably to do things that are not
hurtful, your "world will never change for the better.

The IDEA/thought is to let what is hurtful/bad become lost/desolate. This can only be
done by using mind to do what is good/love/just/true/peace/wise/joy/free.

Is our life going to be a series of dust collection? Is the Pandora Box a casket?
We are the ones who should be representing what is good/love/just/true/peace/
wise/joy/free. NO STATUE, NO BOOK can represent goodness.
What is the point of beautifying matter/including the flesh when time wasn't spent first
on beautifying the mind. Is that not being a hypocrit? And what is the point of satisfying
the "self" only for a moment. Goodness is a constant feature!

The foundation of (the)love/justice/peace/truth/wisdom/mind/word/joy/freddom is already
resting on goodness/itself by way of the holy spirit/the first mind/the true god/the word/an untainted
mind/he causes to become.

Look. the question is not why is there poverty, or violence, or whatever the bad is on the earth.
The question is what good can I use my mind for to help make the bad situation lost/desolate.
One also has to come to the realization that goodness must remain a constant feature in one's

Much love, hey much peace!



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